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    Suzuki Genuine Parts & Accessories

    Suzuki recommends genuine parts and oil/chemical to maintain high levels of safety, reliability, comfort and performance.

    Periodic maintenance and the replacement of consumable parts and oil/chemicals are key for you to enjoy a safe and comfortable driving experience with your Suzuki for your many years to come.

    Consumable parts range from oil filters to air filters, brake pads and oil/chemicals. Suzuki recommends genuine parts. They’re designed for Suzuki and are fully tested to maximize performance and service life.

    Authorized Suzuki dealers will be pleased to help you with Suzuki service. With their expertise and experience, Suzuki dealers can offer you the best service to ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience.

    Genuine & Non-Genuine

    Genuine Charms:

    • Longer Engine Life.
    • Tested With Suzuki Engines For Compatibility.
    • Optimum Engine Performance with Genuine Parts.

    Non-Genuine Harms

    • Not Tested.
    • No official recommendation.
    • Harms The Engine In The Long- Run.

    Not: It Take About 30,000 Parts To Make Up a Car.

    Note: But it take Only 1 Non-Genuine Part to Risk the performance Of 30,000 Genuine Parts.

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