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    Exchange Program & Used Cars

    Used Car Certification

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    Now you can drive Suzuki Certified used car that is free from every hassle and inspected by Pak Suzuki engineers on 130 checkpoints and provides a peace of mind for customers buying used cars.

    • Certified by Pak Suzuki engineers
    • Genuineness of Suzuki Certified Used car documents
    • Up to 1 year warranty
    • 3 free services
    • Evaluation on 130 checkpoints
    • Best price for your used car
    • Immediate Payment
    • Priority delivery of vehicle in exchange
    • Exchange opportunity with Suzuki new/ certified used car by just paying the difference
    • Proper transfer of documents (your used car sold only after transfer of documents)
    • Your car is in safe hands
    • No Hidden charges
    • No middle men, No commission
    • Fair and transparent deals at Suzuki Authorized dealerships
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    Car Exchange


    Suzuki exchange program provides the most convenient way to upgrade from your old car to a New Suzuki by just paying the difference. Whereas
    you can also exchange your old car from Suzuki certified used car.


    Bring your old car to any Suzuki 3s dealership and avail this best offer by Pak Suzuki.

    • Best price of your used car
    • Priority delivery in exchange
    • Exchange opportunity with Suzuki new / certified used car by just paying the price
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