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    Code Of Conduct

    Code of Conduct

    The code of conduct shall be applied to all Directors,
    Officers and Employees of Suzuki Premier Motors
    And its consolidated subsidiaries (hereinafter collectively referred to as Suzuki Premier)
    Every Suzuki Premier Motors should full disseminate
    This code of conduct to its directors, officers and employees and oblige them to observe it in its internal
    Rules andor employment agreement and in case of their in accordance with the applicable disciplinary provisions.

    For Our Customers

    • Realization of Products and services of superior value

    Suzuki Premier will provide customers with products and services exceeding their expectation as in line with the spirit Develop products of superior value by focusing on the customer” which is listed as the first item in our Mission Statement.
    We will make every effort to provide products and services that will satisfy our customers, by standing in our customers place at all time. .

    • Activities on Quality

    Suzuki Premier will develop and produce high quality product which customers can in relied and will provide after – sales services considering customers Safety and security with first Priority.
    If by any chance a quality problem occurs, Suzuki Premier will devote its sincere efforts to react on customers voice grasp the problem at an early stage and take measures with thorough investigation into the causes so that the customer can continue using Suzuki Products in relief .
    Well never neglect any quality problem on our product that may affect our customers safety or security noticed during development, production or after – sales service.
    We will never lead to a conclusion in our own favour when reacting to indications from our customers related to the qualities on our products.
    We will treat aforesaid quality related problems and customers indications on quality with utmost sincerity and will devote our best efforts not to spoil customers trust.
    We will always be conscious of overall optimization and make efforts to share information between departments and companies.
    We will observe the business rules provides from time to time in each workplace.

    For a Better Working Environment

    • Respect of Human Right

    Suzuki Premier will be aware of international norms pertaining to human right and respect fundamental human right with reference to laws in each country or region.
    We will cooperate with each other as a member of Suzuki Premier to create a working environment with no discrimination by personal attributes or harassment.

    • Occupational Safety – Traffic Safety

    Suzuki Premier will review the workplace environment to create safe workplace.
    Suzuki Premier will thoroughly carry out education on safety to prevent occurrence of occupational injury.
    We will Strictly obey rules related to safety so that we can maintain safe workplace and prevent occurrence of occupational injury.
    We will immediately report to our supervisors For improvement when we notice any problem related to safety at our workplace.
    We will be conscious that we take parts in the automobile industry, observe traffic rules , keep in mind to drive vehicles safely as a social norm, and endeavor to prevent traffic accidents while on duty on duty or in private.

    • Promoting Kaizen Activities and Observing Basic Business Rules

    Suzuki Premier encourages employees to come up with inventive ideas to improve the workplace. Suggestions from employees on kaizen will be evaluated and effective measures will be adopted and widespread amongst Suzuki Premier Companies for a growth of the entire group.
    Suzuki Premier will create basic rules on our work for the employees to follow.
    We will always think seriously about our business, takes the lead in action and make a  proposal to the company when we notice any points of improvement.
    We will thoroughly enforce mutual understanding at our workplace and communicate over and over again until others comprehend sufficient .
    We will endeavor to produce environmentally friendly product that will be required by our customers , by contributing to development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technology.

    For Shareholders And All Other Stakeholders

    • Compliance

    While Suzuki premier acknowledges the existence of difference in laws related to competition such as Antitrust Law and laws related to fair trading by each country or region, Suzuki Premier will grasp the difference and carry out training on employees  to observe laws and societal norms in their respective countries and regions.
    We will observe the content of the guidance and training provided by the company on laws and societal norms.
    We will immediately consult with our supervisors when we notice any noncompliance or suspected noncompliance by another employee. In case we think it is improper to consult with our supervisors, we will report to the consultation & Reporting desk in our company or those provided by Suzuki Premier Motors Corporation.

    • Environmental Activities

    In order to success the beautiful earth and affluent society to the next generation, we must all realize that actions of each and every one of us have a great effect on our earth’s future therefore Suzuki Premier will make every effort to preserve global environment.

    • Refusing Relations with Antisocial Forces

    Suzuki Premier will thoroughly refuse any relationships with antisocial forces and organizations which are threatening the order and safety of civil society.
    We will never accept any unreasonable demand from antisocial forces and organizations on our own decision and will always report to or consult with our supervisors or related department.

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